Our Team

When your pet needs care, we’re here to help. Starch Pet Hospital is staffed by a team of nurturing professionals, committed to the health and wellness of animals in Des Moines. We are dedicated providers of wellness care, preventative medicine, internal medicine, and more.

Practice Manager


Christina at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaChristina

Christina started as a Front Office Coordinator in 2012 and is now our Practice Manager. We are lucky to have her be a part of the clinic. Christina is mommy to son, Cameron, and daughter, BraeLynn, and soon to be 3rd child on the way. Their Pit Bull Terrier, Dino, loves their cats, Bruce and Jade. Christina loves the daily interaction with clients and learning new things. The best thing about her job is helping team members with personal growth, and building relationships with them. If it’s nice weather look for Christina to be with family, outside in her pool, or in her garden. She is also a big movie fan.

Front Office Coordinators


Brianne at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaBrianne

Bri has been with us since 2010 as a Front Office Coordinator. Bri keeps busy with her two dogs Clyde and Cole, as well as her two cats Paisley and Parker. These four furry family members and Bri’s young daughter, Rylie, are the best of friends and keep Bri very busy! When she isn’t busy with Rylie and family, you can find Bri spending time with friends and fishing. When asked about what is her favorite part of being a Front Office Coordinator, Bri will tell you it’s getting to know our awesome clients and their pets. She also loves that there is always something new to learn and you just never know what is going to walk through the door that day. We absolutely love Bri and I am sure you will too!


Molly at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaMolly

Molly was welcomed onto the team in 2015. She helps put everyone in a good mood. She has opened her home to 3 pets, August, 4 year old Great Dane, Kalli and Booty, 4.5 year old cats. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling to new places, rollerblading in the summertime, motorcycle rides and of course hanging out with Auggie (August). Special things to know about Miss Molly is that she likes cooking, baking and doing DIY projects. The best part about her job is getting to know all of the clients and watch their pets grow. Molly is a great energy to have in the clinic. The baking is quite a plus too! :)


Hanna at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaHanna

Hanna has been a Front Office Coordinator with us since 2015. She started with us while she was still attending high school. She has really grown here and has become a valuable member of our team. Hanna has a German Shepard named Kaiser, as well as a Pit-bull named Iris. When she is not working she loves to be outdoors enjoying nature with her dogs, as well as photography. When asked what the best part about working here was Hanna replied, “Getting to see all the different animals. I also really like that the work we do here really seems to make a difference in the lives of our clients.


Chelsey at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaChelsey

Chelsey joined our team in 2017. She shares her home with cats Dash, Vienna, and Demons, and young daughter Olive. In her free time Chelsey loves to craft, and when the weather allows, take her daughter to parks, music festivals, and other fun bonding events. Chelsey loves sushi and traveling to warmer places whenever she can! Fun facts about Chelsey, she loves anything Harry Potter, and believes you can never be too prepared for a zombie apocalypse! Welcome to the team Chelsey.


Cicely at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaCicley

Cicely joined us in 2016 and we have been lucky to have her! You might have seen her at University West Pet Clinic as well, because she goes between both clinics. When asked what the best part about her job is Cicely responded,” I love getting kisses from all the animals all day!” When she is not at work she loves to cook, eat and watch netflix marathons. She has two pets at home, a new pup named Greta and a cat named Timmy.


Charlene at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaCharlene

Charlene just recently joined the team in 2017. She shares her home with Daisy, an 8 year old dog, and 2 cats named Emmy and Echo. When she is not at work, she loves to listen to music, sleep and attend different concerts. She enjoys in her spare time watching Netflix. She absolutely loves being an Aunt! She has 4 nieces and nephews, and they are her little sunshines! Some unique things to know is that she is a vegetarian, her birthday is on Halloween, and she is OCD and loves to clean, which we really appreciate around the clinic! She would say her favorite thing about her job is getting to see all the little cuties that she sees every day!



Erica at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaErica

Starch Pet Hospital is lucky to have had Erica as our groomer for the last few years. She loves transforming a pet having a bad hair day into a star. She enjoys getting to know all of the personalities of her different spa clients. Erica’s two best furry friends are her pit bull terrier, Shyne, and her cat, Loki . She loves riding horses, going to concerts, and spending time with her friends and family.

Veterinary Technicians


Michelle at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaMichelle, Veterinary Technician

In 2007 Michelle joined our team while still in high school. She has been a Registered Veterinary Technician since 2011. She loves the hands-on time with our patients as well as learning new things on a daily basis. Her loves outside the clinic are her Pit Bull Terriers, Choco and Payton as well as her cats, Schmoz and Tater, cooking, fishing, reading books, and spending time with family and friends. Interesting fact, Christina and Michelle are sisters and their dogs, Dino and Choco are brothers! Fun Fact about Michelle, she will make sound effects while working with patients and they love it (including her co-workers)!!!!


Steff at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaSteff, Veterinary Technician

In addition to being mom to sons Landon, Donovan, and daughter, Ireland, Steff is also mom to Rose, the Great Dane, Gladys the Boston Terrier, Fleury the cat, Fred the Guinea Pig and an aquarium full of fish. We have been lucky to have Steff with us as a technician since 1995! She enjoys the challenges that every new day brings. Steff loves that no two cases are ever the same. As busy as she is with all of her human and furry kids, she still finds time to jog and garden. We are lucky to have Steff, she is a book of knowledge!!!


Carla at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaCarla, Veterinary Technician/Front Office Coordinator

In May of 2014 we were excited to have Carla join our team. She loves meeting new people and their pets. She also loves learning all about the veterinary industry. Carla still spends time on the family farm where she helps with their goat herd. Crafts, camping, and cooking are all hobbies of Carla’s.


Alex at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaAlex, Veterinary Technician/Front Office Coordinator

Alex has been a part of our team since 2016. In the spring of 2018 Alex will be graduating from DMACC as veterinary technician, and we can’t wait to have her join the team full time! When Alex is not working or in school she loves playing with her small zoo. She has a 7 year old dog named Sailor, and cats Louisa and Khaleesi. Alex also enjoys playing the piano and singing. The best thing about Alex’s job is getting to make a difference in animal and human lives through veterinary medicine. We are so lucky to have Alex!!


Lene at Starch Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IowaLene

Lene joined our team in 2017. She is originally from Illinois and moved to Des Moines to acquire her Bachelor’s in Degree Biology from Grandview University. She shares her home with two dogs, Ava and Dudley. After college, she managed a dog kennel and there got interested in training. She interned training service dogs for veterans with PTSD and found her passion. After that, she decided to go into the Vet Tech program at DMACC to get a bit more knowledge of the dog world before pursuing a career in dog training. When she is not working, she is either taking a road trip or planning her next one. She love anything outdoors, hiking, camping, and she is looking forward to trying out her new kayak this spring! Easily her favorite part of the job is seeing the relief and sharing in the happiness expressed by the clients when we send their pet out the door healthy. She can’t help but have a happy heart watching a pet greet their owner after a treatment.